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Why Libido in Men

What causes of low sex desire in men?

Mostly people always ask for Dubey Clinic what the prime causes of low sex-desire or sex-drive in men. Low sex-drive in men is a temporary or permanent disease. It is possible to overcome from this libido in men problems.

Dubey Clinic says- Actually, there are many causes of low sex-desire in men. The first one is Psychological factors (Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, etc.). Due to low sex-desire in men, they become irritable and make a distance from their partners. Generally, After the 40 age, the men’s sex drive decline that is a natural factor. Since, Testosterone levels begin to decline that leads to a loss of libido in men and an increase in time needed to achieve in erection.

The second one is Hormone issues in which men get the lack of testosterone levels.

The third one factor is Alcohol. The men are addicted to have alcohol and start to lose his sex-desire.

The fourth one factor is pornography. Due to obsession porn mind, the men get lose his sex-desire. They are in the habit of using pornography for their pleasure but it bad for health.

Finally, the fifth one is fatigue. From morning to evening, men work hard and they become tired. Their daily routine is so hectic that becomes more boring to them.

What is the symptom of Low Sex-Desire in Men?

Commonly, the men want to get low interest with his partner. They want to interact with each other once in a month. They do not like to discuss on sexual life. The men have only 20-30 percent interest in sexual activities.

What to do if someone has low sex-drive in men?

Dubey Clinic says: If someone has low sex-drive then first of all, he should improve his daily-life physically and psychologically.

  • Do exercise every day.
  • Eat aphrodisiac fruits (Cucumber, Pineapple, Peach, Eggplant, Arugula, Pomegranates, Garlic, etc.)
  • Take some taste of Chocolate.
  • Use herbal products.
  • Use supplement of Yohimbine Products.
  • Try to boost up self-confidence.
  • Try to use less alcohol in daily life.
  • Reduce Stress & get plenty of sleep.
  • Remove bad habit to read porn books or watch porn movies.

If you visit Dubey Clinic for treatment of low sex-desire or libido in men, then this clinic provides you fully Ayurveda Medication. Generally, the three-six month courses of medicines almost give the best result for this type of patients. In fact, there is no side-effect of Ayurveda Medicines. It is far better than Allopath.

What is the role of a sexologist?

A Sexologist is a physician who is trained to deal with sexual and relationship issues. They address biological, psychological, and sociological aspects while addressing sexual issues. They identify and treat sexual problems in both men and women.

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Usually, a healthy woman can safely indulge in sexual activity during pregnancy. However, coitus should be avoided if there is pain and/or bleeding at any stage. If a woman has had an abortion in the first three months in the past, coitus during the first trimester should be avoided. In the second trimester, coitus is contraindicated if the woman has a history of 'habitual abortion' because the incompetent cervical of the mouth of the uterus. In the last trimester i.e. from the seventh month to labour, one may safely indulge in sexual activity till the last day of delivery by altering the coital position so as to ensure that direct weight does not fall on the foetus. It must be remembered that if for any reason intercourse is forbidden during pregnancy, the woman must avoid reaching orgasm by any other means including masturbation. In fact, the contractions of the uterus following masturbation intercourse. An obstetrician may be consulted regarding indulgence in sexual activity during pregnancy, as each case needs to be evaluated individually in so far as any possible contraindication or modification needs to be made.

Is it true that first intercourse causes bleeding in women?

No, it’s not! This bleeding mainly occurs in virgins when the hymen is ruptured. In some cases, this hymen may be absent right from birth or might get ruptured while doing exercises, playing games or using tampons. Thus, it is not necessary for a woman to bleed during hervery first sexual intercourse even if she is a virgin. This misconception often leads to troubles in marriages.It is funny how a small tissue gives rise to big issues!

Can masturbation cause growth of pimples, increase body temperature and give stomach problems?

No. What people need to realise is that masturbation is just simulated sex and it can’t give you any of the aforementioned conditions. None of them are related to any of the conditions you mentioned above. Some other common myths include that it will make you blind, cause hair growth on the back of your hand and make you lose hair. Just relax and don’t get fooled by common myths.

What is Night Discharge?

It is an artificial situation wherein a man sleeps with a woman having intercourse with him. He feels the desire and his semen leaks while asleep during day or night. It is not natural so one must consult with the good sex doctor to cure this disease. An early recovery is required to avoid the bad consequences.

What is Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction?

If a person is not able to perform sex well and his penis does not erect well, this condition is called impotence of erectile dysfunction. It may have resulted from high stress. People suffering from this disease may try to commit suicide so it is better to consult with the sex doctor to have treatment instead of having negative thoughts. Nothing is incurable in this world nowadays.

Is infertility just a woman’s problem?

No, infertility is not always a woman’s problem. In about one-third of cases, infertility is due to the woman (female factors). In another third of cases, infertility is due to the man (male factors). The remaining cases are caused by a combination of male and female factors or by unknown factors.